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How To / Troubleshoot

Our How-To Guides are meticulously crafted to provide clear, step-by-step instructions that make learning straightforward and accessible. From setting up your Viking to troubleshooting common issues, our guides cover it all to ensure best practices.

How to Properly Install the Viking

Please watch the following video to learn how to properly install the Viking:.

How To Change The Filter

Please watch this video to learn how to properly change the filter on your chiller:.

How to Prepare The Viking for Winter

Please be aware that any issues resulting from failure to winterize your cold plunge properly are not covered under warranty. This includes damage to the vessel, chiller, or any other components caused by exposure to cold weather conditions.General r

What is the red light on the top of the chiller?

Understanding the Red Light on Your Chiller System. The latest model Nordic Wave chillers are now equipped with a low-flow protection circuit that continuously monitors water circulation and will automatically stop operation of the chiller if the wat

Dirty Vs. Clean Filter

Below is a photo of a dirty filter next to a clean filter:.