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The Viking Cold Plunge

Learn more about the unique features and cool aspects of the Viking that also provides in-depth product information.

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How To / Troubleshoot

Our How-To Guides are meticulously crafted to provide clear, step-by-step instructions that make learning straightforward and accessible. From setting up your Viking to troubleshooting common issues, our guides cover it all to ensure best practices.

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Order Information

Information about Shipping, Returns & Exchanges, Changes & Cancellations, and Payment.

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Rewards & Promotions

Information about rewards and promotions.

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Information about Nordic Wave, Our Team and how to get in touch.

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Payment Methods

Payment options available to all customers while shopping with Nordic Wave Inc. Take advantage of our HSA/FAS savings or pay over time with Shopify Pay Installments, Klarna, or Bread Finanical.

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