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AssemblyUpdated 4 months ago

The Viking Assembly Guide

Assembling your Viking product should be a breeze, and we're here to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible. Here's what you need to know before you begin:

  • No tools are required, saving you time and hassle.
  • Have another adult assist you in transporting it to your desired location.
  • Watch the video below for proper installation.

Book Your Personalized Installation Video Call 

  • Sign up here to book a personalized one-on-one video call with one of our knowledgeable Nordic Wave experts. During this call, they will guide you through the entire setup process for your new Viking Cold Plunge. Our team will explain maintenance procedures and best practices to maximize your cold plunge experience.

Assembly Video

Check out our video for step-by-step guidance on assembling your Viking with ease.

How To Change the Filter

Missing Parts Solution

If you've identified a missing part, please contact our Customer Support Team immediately so that we can arrange to ship the missing items to you.

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