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What is the red light on the top of the chiller?Updated 4 months ago

Understanding the Red Light on Your Chiller System

The latest model Nordic Wave chillers are now equipped with a low-flow protection circuit that continuously monitors water circulation and will automatically stop operation of the chiller if the water flow drops to levels that could potentially damage the chiller. When illuminated, the red light signals a few important notifications:

1. Clog Detection: The red light activates when your chiller detects a potential clog within its system. This could be due to debris or blockages within your hoses hindering proper flow.

2. Filter Replacement Reminder: Additionally, the red light serves as a friendly reminder to replace your filter. The chiller will shut itself off and the red light will illuminate if you have a dirty filter, as the filter accumulate particles that can impede chiller functionality. 

3. Incomplete pump primingPriming the pump means removing any air from the system and ensuring that only liquid is present. When the pump is not properly primed, air bubbles can get trapped inside the chiller inlet hose. These air bubbles can disrupt the flow of water, causing inefficiencies in the chiller's operation and potentially triggering the low-flow alarm. 

4. Closed grey isolation valve(s) at Viking connection: If the grey isolation valves are closed on the top ports of Viking vessel, it will cut off the water flow, leading to the shutdown of the chiller. 

If this occurs, power is removed from the components that could be damaged by the low-flow condition, including the controller, refrigeration compressor, and circulation pump. The red “low flow” alarm indicator light next to the display will be illuminated any time the chiller unit is in the low-flow protection mode. This feature is a proactive measure, allowing you to address any issues promptly and prevent further complications.

Proper maintenance plays a pivotal role in extending the lifespan of your chiller. By adhering to routine maintenance procedures, you not only safeguard the chiller's functionality but also optimize its durability and performance over time. 

Thank you for prioritizing proper chiller care!

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